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Vice Videos: Sushi Chef Masaharu Morimoto

We’ve all seen chef Morimoto before, probably on TV or online from Iron Chef. This guys is famous, and some can consider him a legend; not in the traditional sense, but in a sense that inspires you. I have never seen him or eaten at his restaurant, but I will someday. I really have great… Continue reading Vice Videos: Sushi Chef Masaharu Morimoto

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Video: Chef’s Journey to Japan

It’s always cool to see how Japan changed or inspired someone’s life. I know it did for me when I studied abroad there two years ago. And now I’m wishing I’m back there everyday that I’m not there. Byron Talbott is a Youtuber chef, and he posts some creative and mouth watering recipes of various… Continue reading Video: Chef’s Journey to Japan

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Vice Videos: 女体盛り Sushi

Here is an interesting short video by Vice about 女体盛り(pronounced Nyotaimori) or “Body Sushi.” I’m sure most of you have heard of it, but take a peek to see how the western culture have embraced it and the reason why people are accepting this practice. The video is well made, and stayed focus on the subject. I… Continue reading Vice Videos: 女体盛り Sushi