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Vice Videos: Sushi Chef Masaharu Morimoto

We’ve all seen chef Morimoto before, probably on TV or online from Iron Chef. This guys is famous, and some can consider him a legend; not in the traditional sense, but in a sense that inspires you. I have never seen him or eaten at his restaurant, but I will someday. I really have great… Continue reading Vice Videos: Sushi Chef Masaharu Morimoto

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Videos: Takoyaki in the States

Takoyaki is one of my favorite go-to food. For those who don’t know what takoyaki is, takoyaki is a Japanese food, which is basically octopus balls. The balls are made out of flour, stuffed with different ingredients such as spices, vegetables, cheese, and octopus. The cool thing is you can go to places that lets… Continue reading Videos: Takoyaki in the States

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Vice Videos: Japan’s Food Hacker

  here is yet an interesting short done by Vice‘s sub channel, Munchies, following a guy that’s part of Japan’s DIY and makerspace movement by inventing perfumes that smell like… well, food. I think the most interesting one is the onion-smell perfume, and the yakiniku-smell perfume. it’s a good video to see Japan’s take on… Continue reading Vice Videos: Japan’s Food Hacker

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Videos: Japan’s Dedication to Sake

In the last post, I babbled about how Japan is famously associated to tradition, dedication, and perseverance. Today, I ran into another cool short clip from Great Big Story about a family who has been brewing sake for generations (55 generations to be exact.) Talk about dedication. The short video might be all too short,… Continue reading Videos: Japan’s Dedication to Sake

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Video: Chef’s Journey to Japan

It’s always cool to see how Japan changed or inspired someone’s life. I know it did for me when I studied abroad there two years ago. And now I’m wishing I’m back there everyday that I’m not there. Byron Talbott is a Youtuber chef, and he posts some creative and mouth watering recipes of various… Continue reading Video: Chef’s Journey to Japan

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Videos: Poisonous Puffer Fish Dining

Japan is known for a lot of things that are associated with tradition, dedication, and perseverance. For example, traditionally, for a sushi chef to climb up the ladder and eventually become a master sushi chef, he or she is expected to work tirelessly in perfecting the art of sushi. The first 10 years might just… Continue reading Videos: Poisonous Puffer Fish Dining