Blogging is a Commitment [英語/日本語]

I didn’t realize that writing requires so much commitment and effort. I thought blogging was going to be easy and effortless. But on the contrary, it requires some time sitting down to transfer what’s on your mind to a piece of paper (or a blog page).

I haven’t been active on writing online for some time. I really do want to go back into it, especially because I currently live in Japan. I thought a blog would be the perfect platform to transfer my thoughts and experiences, all the while making it therapeutic.

But all that went out the window as soon as my language program started and I had to take a side job as a writer, editor, and translator for a small online media company. All I do day-in and day-out is oversee blog and news articles.

By the time I got home, the last thing I want to do is sit down and write more articles, especially when I have a lot of homework still left to be done.

Over this past 6 months, it saddens me to see how what I came here to accomplish has been all but forgotten.  So in an effort to spark up my love for writing  once again, I’ll be trying to revamp online writing.

I’ve been to a lot of events. So it’ll be a waste if all the (crappy) pictures I took end up deleted or forgotten.











*all images used are used for illustration purposes only and belong to the original owners of the images. They are not meant to be used for commercial purposes what so ever…

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