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Rant #4: Why Chiba is the Best Place (everrr) in Japan

Warning: Bias Content

Please do not take this content too seriously

I think Chiba city is the best place ever if you were to live in Japan. It is. It just is. period. Now before you disregard this post and click close, please give me the chance to explain myself.

So without further ado, let’s go over some of the reasons why Chiba is awesome.

  1. Close to Narita Airport
  2. Close to Narita city, but not in inaka (田舎) Chiba
  3. Close to Tokyo, but not in Tokyo
  4. Close to the bay
  5. Close to Disney Land / Disney sea
  6. Not too big, not too small
  7. Easy to meet foreigners and locals alike

Chiba city is close to all the awesome things, like Tokyo, Disney Land and Sea, the bay / beach, Narita airport, and Narita city. You can live in Chiba without actually having to deal with the daily stress and crowd of Tokyo. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tokyo. But to live in Tokyo? No thanks. Think about it. You pay a premium for everything, and the ratio of convenience to price doesn’t change all that much if you were in Chiba. Because of that, you would probably get a bigger space to live, and/or a cheaper one.


Being in Chiba means you can go back to the States really easy because you can go to Narita airport without transferring trains. Even though Tokyo has Haneda airport, we know half of the time it’s more expensive to fly out of Haneda airport than Narita airport. What’s more is that the city Narita has an awesome temple that’s world famous. It’s just a good general area to be at. If you’re a Disney fan, then going to Disney land or Sea is also a short commute away from Chiba, making it really convenient.

With that said, because of the convenience of the location, Chiba city can be thought of as a place where people live and commute from, if they work in Tokyo. The result is a city big enough where you have a good city and night life, but still not too big that you feel cluster phobic. You get to see other foreigners as well as really friendly locals.


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