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Vagina Art and How Japan is Conservative

One of Japan’s most famous festival is the annual Penis festival held in Kawasaki, the Kanamara Matsuri. It’s less about celebrating a penis, but more about celebrating fertility… I think. So in that aspect, Japan’s pretty open about having a big metal penis paraded on on the street. People can also eat penis shaped candies, and foods.

On the other hand, Japan is also (somewhat) known for perversion. C’mon, don’t pretend that you don’t know. Well, if you don’t know,  good. But because Japan is pretty conservative overall with the censorship laws, the idea of sex and fetishes concentrate elsewhere where the legal side turns a “blind eye,” if you will.

So why did the artist known as rokudenashiko get arrested for displaying vagina art. To be exact, the vagina art objects that she created are shaped based on her own vagina using 3D imaging technology and 3D printing. The idea is to promote feminism, acceptance, and openness to the idea of the female private parts. That’s pretty bold and creative.


But the Japanese authority didn’t like it. No sir they did not. She has been arrested twice so far and are currently fighting her case in court. Here is a short video that VICE did on her. It’s a nice little video that showcases her art, as well as Japan’s perspective on this whole issue.

Personally, art is art. For a country that has stores that sell molds of porn stars’ vaginas for masturbation purposes, it’s really hypocritical for her to get arrested. This is her own unique approach to art, and it tells a strong message. I don’t think her art was made to be sexualized at all in any way. Just look at some of her art. You’ll see that you won’t masturbate while looking at them.

They are cool though. The art that she makes almost looks so innocent that you enjoy looking at them, though too bad half of it is confiscated by the authority at the moment. The coolest is the kayak that she made using the 3D imaging scan of her own vagina. That’s art and function.


I don’t think people realize how hard, time consuming, and expensive it is for an artist to do a project that are not supported. This is a personal work of love, not something that one does if they want to piss off the authority. I can personally think of a million other ways that can piss off the authority without costing a cent.

I think someone should do the male counter part of her style of art to promote gender equality. Our technology has advanced so much that we can do things unimaginable 10 or 20 years ago, so we should use it!

More of her art:





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