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Video: Chef’s Journey to Japan

It’s always cool to see how Japan changed or inspired someone’s life. I know it did for me when I studied abroad there two years ago. And now I’m wishing I’m back there everyday that I’m not there.

Byron Talbott is a Youtuber chef, and he posts some creative and mouth watering recipes of various dishes, inspired by a lot of different places. Some of them are inspired by Japan, like the video here of the passion fruit granita that uses yuzu (citrus) and sake.

Image found from his website,

Anyways, ANA (All Nippon Airways) sponsored him and gave him and his family tickets to go to Japan. That’s pretty awesome! It’s nice for such a big and popular corporation to keep an eye out and reach out to a talent somewhere out there. I’m sure the trip benefited his career beyond just time away from home. The video is long, at 12 minutes, but it does go into depth on his adventure in Japan. I like how you really get to see what he eats, what he sees, the places and faces that he encounters. It’s quiet something.

It’s funny. I’ve heard older people tell me that Japan is like an onion. You can peel and peel and peel, and there will always be more to find out, as different layers uncover new things. I totally agree. Every time I see a video about Japan, I get a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. But I also always see things I’ve never seen. places and faces so familiar yet missed. I think to myself, how could have I not gone there? Why didn’t I do more with my time there?

Though there is no use living in the past and thinking about what could have been, I can’t help but think, I can’t wait to go back there.

I wish a corporation can sponsor me in the future. Although I don’t really know for what yet.

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