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Job Hunting: An Endless Cycle

Job Hunting: An Endless Cycle


I majored in Japanese in college. I honestly had the time of my life as it was both challenging and full of learning. But it’s hard to defend the major sometimes because to be honest, I’m not fluent in Japanese (yet) and it’s hard to find a job with a Japanese major, other than teaching English.

It’s been 6 months since my graduating in December of 2015 and I’m rigorously applying to jobs both in the States and in Japan. But they keep returning me with the same disappointing e-mail where I read “we are sorry to inform you…” or “your qualifications do not meet…”

I’m pretty sure the job posting said New Graduates Welcomed, or No Experience Necessary.

It’s a very defeating feeling to see that. I spend a few hours at night applying to jobs with the slightest hint of optimism and hope; I’m qualified for this I think to myself. A few days later, if they even bother to reply, I get the rejection mail.

It’s an endless and vicious cycle. I want to get experience! I want to learn! I want to be challenged! But if nobody gives me the chance, then how can I kick-start my career and get the experience that I need to be qualified for these jobs?! Do you think I want to stay at conversation-level of Japanese all my life?






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