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Video: Display-Food Maker/Artist

I don’t know if you have ever visited or lived in Japan, but restaurants in Japan always have food display at the front of their stores. These are realistic-looking food, not some sample that they cook and leave on display for a whole day; that would be disgusting.

I didn’t really know how they were made until I saw this video and immediately, I was in awe. They are actually made by hand a cost a sh*t load to purchase or custom order. It’s like coloring action figures or gundam figures, but for food. Again, these job require a lot of hands-on practice and a mastery of the art of imitation food making.

Here’s another video that shows you the process more intimately

It’s better this way because in the States, we barely have food display. As a result, we only have the description and the wait staffs’ words to go by, or maybe by peaking at the table next to you. And if there are pictures, it’s often scarce, not very good, and discolored from all the hands and oils that have touched the menu (I’m referring to pictures on Chinese food menus ahem ahem.)

Anyways, props for Great Big Story and macdeetube

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