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Videos: Poisonous Puffer Fish Dining

Japan is known for a lot of things that are associated with tradition, dedication, and perseverance. For example, traditionally, for a sushi chef to climb up the ladder and eventually become a master sushi chef, he or she is expected to work tirelessly in perfecting the art of sushi. The first 10 years might just be dedicated to watching others make the sushi or making the rice. It’s a never ending journey.

Take this guy for example. Sasaki Yutaka has been making puffer fish dishes for 45 years. Starting at a young age of 18, he has only been making puffer fish while the rest of us ponder about what our purpose in life is. If you know a thing or two about puffer fish, it is that they contain poison. So if not handled and prepared properly, you might die or go to the hospital because of the leaked poison on their meat.

Watching this video by Great Big Story not only sparked my interest in eating puffer fish, but it also gave me a sense of respect towards those who dedicate their lives to their art. After all, your life is literally in his hands.


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