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Interesting Stuff: Rapper Madeintyo is Actually Made in Tokyo


A lot of people nowadays sport the name Japan or Tokyo without actually having been there. You see Japanese Kanji on t-shirts everywhere, sushi, and the whole Japanese Yakuza influences. I think people have the idea that sporting a Kanji or having a Japanese name make them seem more hardcore and cultured, which is pure bull crap to the people who actually know a thing or two about Japan. Same goes for the opposing side, stores in Japan having an English or French sounding name and having broken English written on their shirts. I’m not hating though, and that in itself is another topic for another time.

Then There is MadeinTYO, short for “made in Tokyo.” He hails from Atlanta and sporting the whole Japanese influence thing on his name. He’s not bluffing though. Having lived in Japan for 6 years and then returning to the States, I respect him for keeping his upbringing alive. His most famous track, Uber Everywhere, is also dope. It has a vibe that no other artists have, a flavor so exotic yet familiar, attitude that packs a punch from a song made in his parents’ house. Yup he still lives with his parents. That’s dope.

His video even has the Japanese subtitle in it, although mature content is advice purely due to the nature of the lyrics. But luckily, it’s 2016 and we’re well exposed and used to derogatory terms and messages.  But to be honest, his lyrics are nothing more than pg-13, which I kind of like because a lot of rappers nowadays over exaggerate on everything.

His other music’s also worth your time. Each sounding different than the mainstream rap that we hear everyday. I definitely recommend just going through his playlist when you’re driving in the highway and just want to try something new.

Follow him on Instagram @madeintyo twitter @madeintyo and of course check out the interview done by VICE to read what he is all about.


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