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Japan Influenced: Songs for Flight

Here’s a cool video that made by the creative being and musician Kenna. It was sponsored by Delta Airlines and featured the artist experiencing Tokyo, Japan in pursuit of inspiration and an eye-opening experience.

I think it’s cool when a big and capable company reaches out to people and give them a helping hand at an experience to something that otherwise would not be reachable or challenging to do.

Not only did this video showcased the artist’s experience, but it also highlighted Japan for what it can offer; an irreplaceable experience through culture, hospitality, a mix of the old, modern, and contemporary beauty, as well as safety.

I can personally attest to this because I’ve been in Japan quiet a few times and each time I arrive, it’s just as if I was there for the first time. You take a moment to smell the change in air, and the surrounding noise. You then look forward to what’s to come. More to come on my personal Japan experience.


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