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I Graduated with a Bachelor in Japanese


I’m going to kick things off with my graduation from college with a bachelor in arts: Japanese Studies. I’ve always wanted to start a blog which covers my experience with Japan, but with school and work I really couldn’t find the time and motivation to do it.

I finally graduated with my Japanese degree this past December of 2015. So why did you major in Japanese? What can you do with a Japanese major? I get that a lot. And a bachelor in Japanese doesn’t mean that you can actually speak it. Most people still can’t speak it. Within 4 years, there is no way that you can get enough practice and studying time to be qualified for anything other than cultural and basic language knowledge, and I’m no different.

To be honest, it wasn’t my intention to study the language. It wasn’t because of manga or anime, nor was it because I’m a huge fan of the culture and food. Yes, Japanese food is amazing. Yes reading manga takes me away from reality. Yes the culture is rich. But those weren’t things that made me want to go to college.

All images taken from google image. Also, I’m not black, I’m Asian.

It started one day when I was walking on campus on my first semester of college. My friend asked me: “Hey, do you want to take Japanese class with me?” So I asked him why. His answer was “it’ll be fun!”

So I agreed and the rest was history. During that time, I was majoring only in mechanical engineering. I only planned to take Japanese on the side, but after I got hooked into it, I declared double major. 3 years into it, I studied abroad; and 5 years later, I graduated with my Japanese degree.

I didn’t graduate with my mechanical engineering major unfortunately. It was taking too long for me to graduate with both because of the work load, and by that time I was way over my credit limit that they were cutting my financial aid. It was a tough decision, but it was great nonetheless.

I originally wanted to graduate with both because I would be able to work as an engineer for a Japanese company. It was my grand plan because then I would be able to use both language, travel for the company, and will still be involved with designing and decision making. Without the engineering, I will only be able to do normal work and the pay is a lot smaller. But I’m 25 now and I just can’t afford to spend 2 extra years in school without any actual experience.

From here on out, I will study Japanese and do my best to improve it and get a good job.


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